Steam Steam Darmowa od Steam Przez Smart Download Manager
1413/1413   Oglądaj inni wersji
Compatible with:
XP, VISTA, 7, 8



Steam Steam Darmowa od Steam Przez Smart Download Manager
1413/1413   Oglądaj inni wersji
Compatible with:
XP, VISTA, 7, 8

Aktualne pobranie jest zarządzane przez nasz menedżer plików. W czasie pobrania możemy przedstawiać propozycję komercyjne, na przykład paski narzędzi lub dodatki do przeglądarek. Menedżer plików nie ma żadnej relacji do autora tego produktu. Produkt można również pobrać za darmo ze strony autora produktu (Steam). Można nie instalować propozycji komercyjnych podczas instalacji.



Steam Darmowa
od Steam Przez Smart Download Manager

Steam is a free platform which serves for digital distribution of computer games and software, multiplayer and communication. It allows you to download, buy, and install full games or demos on your computer. Steam is supported by many games, giving you access to voice chat, voice chat and all the configuration options. Steam offers you a huge catalogue of games of all sorts and kinds (more than two thousand products are distributed via Steam) and various weekly and daily presents, offers, discounts and special prices for many games are provided with it.

Without any doubt, Steam has changed forever the world's approach to game installation and update.

Steam key features:

  • Download games directly from Valve servers.
  • Browse Store and enrich your personal game Library.
  • Save money by getting games via Steam instead of buying them.
  • Gift your friends and trade games with other users.
  •  Enjoy multiplayer system provided by Steam.
  • Open various game achievements, accomplish different tasks and compete with other users!
  • Play online, chat with your friends while playing, make groups and clans.
  • Enjoy weekly exclusive deals and offers!
  • Browse the latest news of game industry and discuss them with other users.
  • Steam is available in 23 languages.


Steam Community allows you to create your own personal pages, chat and share statuses and post your own game screenshots.

Steam Workshop allows you to take active part in development of your favourite games, try out new mods and share your own.

Steam is available on PC, Mac and Linux. Moreover, you can easily enjoy benefits of Steam on your mobile device or on TV screen. Its interface is strikingly user-friendly and highly customizable - you can change most settings of Steam, transforming it into unique tool for gaming of your own. Steam was developed byValve, a world-famous game developing company, and lets you plunge into the bright world of entertainment as you download Steam for free.

Download Steam for free and enjoy this awesome gaming service!
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